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Product Care

Radley prides itself on its use of fine, natural leathers. With that in mind, we’ve formulated a range of products to care for your Radley leather handbags for years to come.

Radley Leather Protection Cloth – Use before your first use of your bag to help protect the leather surface from everyday dirt and water marks

  1. In a clean, dry space, remove the cloth from its pouch by tearing across the top, perforated edge.
  2. Wipe the cloth in an even, circular motion across the surface of the leather, avoiding any fabric trim.
  3. Once you finish treating the bag leave to dry for at least an hour.

Radley Leather Care Foam – Gently cleanses mild soiling and water-based stains to restore your Radley bag to its former glory.

  1. In a clean, dry space, thoroughly shake the Radley Leather Care Foam bottle and pump into a clean soft cloth.
  2. Dab the formula onto the leather and gently work the surface in a smooth, circular motion.
  3. After you’ve finished, lightly remove any excess formula with a clean corner of the cloth and allow to dry away from direct heat for at least an hour.

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Delicate: Our range of delicate leather styles will require some extra TLC to maintain its luxurious craftmanship. Using Radley’s leather care products regularly and following our care guidelines means the leather will remain with you for years to come. Should these delicate materials get wet, allow them to dry naturally before applying any aftercare products. Also, if a mark does appear, we advise careful cleaning.

Intermediate: Typically crafted for everyday use, our intermediate leathers will need caring for regularly to ensure the integrity of the base material is maintained. Please be aware that abrasive pads or detergents should not be used while cleaning, we recommend that you use Radley care products for the best results possible. As with many leathers, please allow them to dry naturally if they become wet and keep them away from any direct heat sources.

Hardwearing: Taking everyday knocks in their stride, our hardwearing leathers are perfect for using every day. If these materials get wet, please let them dry naturally before applying products and keep them away from direct hear sources. When preparing to clean these materials, it’s best to avoid using abrasive pads or detergents – we recommend that you use Radley care products for the best possible results.