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Radley London Gift Packaging

How we present luxury

A year in the making. 2023 marked the launch of our new gift boxes and bags in store and online (available at checkout for an additional cost, but worth every penny). From our leather handbags to the packaging we send them home in, we put attention to detail into everything we create. And with our new gift wrapping, we’ve made unboxing your new Radley even more exciting.

Sustainable Materials

“Every element is 100% recyclable, developed and sourced using the latest processes and technologies to ensure environmental impact is the lowest possible.” – Kate, Senior Product Developer
Designed with functionality and sustainability in mind. When it comes to our new packaging bags and boxes, we’ve made sure every single piece is fully recyclable, without having to separate any materials.
Even the handles on the bags are made from paper. FSC accredited paper to be exact. That’s a certification from the Forest Stewardship Council, the leader in sustainable forestry, who verify the materials have been sourced responsibly. 

The Radley London Palette

Choosing the colours for our new packaging was a very important decision for our Creative Lead, Melissa.
“We started by looking at our brand colours, the ones that you’ll also see in our new stores. The deep Merlot red is a favourite for us and has been since the brand started.
Then we’ve added a complementary pop of pink, which you’ll see on the handles and ribbons, creating an iconic colour duo that really represents us. It looks and feels modern, while still remaining true to who we are.”

Attention to Detail

It’s in the contrast pink ribbon ties, the printed tissue paper, and even in the surprise message hidden inside each box. We’ve perfected our packaging down to the finest details – they even feel almost as good as our beautiful leathers. 
There are also the features you don’t see. Like the smart structure that helps our teams build each box or bag quickly, and the high quality of the materials to help them stay intact on the journey home. After all, we’re experts in luxury bags that are made to last. 

Our Suppliers

It’s true that we hold ourselves to a high standard and the same goes for the suppliers we work with. When it came to finding the one who aligned with our vision of creativity, luxury and sustainability, we had a few things we were looking for.
1. We wanted a supplier that could maintain global production, while using ethical and sustainable practices to help us reduce our carbon footprint further.
2. They had to offer exceptional craftsmanship, that meant we could create 100% recyclable products.
3. They needed to share our values – such as our focus on design, productivity and the planet – to show that they could build a strong, ongoing working relationship with our in-house team.

Can’t wait to take your new Radley London bag home?

Make sure you’ve checked out our leather aftercare tips to find out how to maintain the exceptional quality of your new accessory.