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Bring Your Dog to Work Day: Meet Our Office Pups, Plus Advice from Dogs Trust

13 May 2024

Did you know that Friday 24th June is Bring Your Dog to Work Day? Due to the rise in dog ownership during the pandemic, and the rise of hybrid working generally, we’re sure many workplaces will be filled with four-legged friends. Our Mayfair head office certainly is, but more on that later.

It can be very stressful for dogs to get used to a new environment, as well as being around strangers. There’s the commute to consider too. We asked our charity partners at Dogs Trust to give us some tips on helping dogs adjust when owners start bringing them into a workplace.

They share some fantastic tips for helping dogs to be calm and settle when there are distractions. They also share the importance of enrichment opportunities to help them exercise their bodies and minds. This is an ideal way to manage their energy and help them to learn good habits. 

Here are some of Dogs Trust’s top tips for office days with your pooch:

  1. Reward relaxed behaviour. This might be when they’re sitting quietly or staying away from hustle and bustle. 
  2. Make sure they have fun while settling with treats, toys or chews.
  3. Ensure you have some activities available in case they get bored. An easy and fun option is hiding kibble inside an empty toilet roll tube and folding in the ends. Your dog will smell the food and be distracted as they find a way to get to it.

Dogs Trust also offer support to businesses through their Dog Friendly Workplaces Programme. This is for anyone considering introducing a dog-friendly office policy, or those who want to train staff in welcoming dogs into retail spaces. 

At Radley London HQ, nothing brightens up our day in the office like meeting one of these dogs by the coffee machine. Meet some of Team Radley’s proud dog owners and their best friends.

Martyn, Head of Technical, Supply and Product Development, and his dog Jilly

How would you describe Jilly's personality?   

“She’s an absolute sweetheart, gentle with everyone. She’s super playful, and typical with Greyhounds, she loves a nap!"

What does she love more than anything?   

“She loves the beach. You get sand between her toes and she’s the single most excited (big) ball of energy you’ll ever see.”

What’s your favourite thing about being a dog owner? 

“The companionship. We get out and about a lot and we’re always together. That’s pretty special.”

Jackie, Chief Product Officer, and her dog Sandy

What’s Sandy’s favourite thing about being in the office? 

“The long corridors, barking at Nick (our Chief Operating Officer), and sleeping on my lap or on my laptop keypad.” 

What does it mean to you to be able to bring Sandy into the office?

“It makes the idea of hybrid working even more complete.”

What’s your favourite thing about being a dog owner? 

“I never thought I was a dog person, now I can’t imagine life without her. I also love the great park community.”

Naomi, Junior People Partner, and her dog Teddy

How would you describe Teddy’s personality?   

“Teddy is mischievous, loving, cuddly and sociable.”

What does it mean to you to be able to bring Teddy into the office?   

“It’s a key factor in me being able to be a dog owner, without it I simply wouldn’t have taken the plunge to get Teddy. He brings me so much joy, so I’m glad that I have a dog friendly office and flexible working as an option.”

Has Teddy ever been a little mischievous at work? 

“Recently we had a customer in the office and Teddy had been snooping in her handbag and generally causing a bit of chaos, thankfully she is a dog person too so she saw the funny side.”

Meg, Graphic Designer, and her dog Reuben

How would you describe Reuben's personality?

“Reuben is a real character. He’s extremely gentle and sweet with a very stubborn and sometimes nervous side. He loves to play and come along for the ride, but he’s a little jumpy.”

What’s Reuben’s favourite thing about being in the office? 

“Reuben loves snuggling up and sleeping on my lap, so he enjoys being able to join me for the day at work.”

What’s your favourite thing about being a dog owner? 

“Snuggles. Reuben is a very affectionate pup who always knows when I need a little cuddle. He’s also hilarious, it’s so fun to experience the day to day with him.”

Thank you for sharing these cute pictures with us, Team Radley. We're so happy to have Jilly, Sandy, Teddy and Reuben, as well as all our other fabulous office dogs, at our Mayfair home.

Did you know we make the best dog accessories? If you’re looking for some stylish canine print bags and accessories for yourself, we have plenty of those too. And there’s lots more for you to read over on Radley Stories.