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People & Planet

Proud to be Wearing Mill Bay Pride, and Donating to LGBTQI+ Charities

09 May 2024

Have you discovered our Pride collection yet? If not, you can read all about the details. Like how our London Design Studio came up with the print you’ll see on each style. Including the joyful Mill Bay Pride.

We sent our favourite new bag to five individuals within the LGBTQI+ community, in the UK and US, and asked them what they enjoyed about it. We also asked each of them to choose a charity for us to donate to this Pride month. Here’s how they got on.

Lucy Jackson

Actress, blogger and activist on mental health.

Why she loves the bag:

“I love the Mill Bay Pride bag because it’s so well made. And the colours mean you can wear it with almost any outfit, it’s so easy to dress up or dress down.”

The charity she chose, and why:

“I chose Kaleidoscope Trust because they don’t just fight for LGBTQI+ rights in the UK but internationally as well, so they are able to make real change in countries where people in the community are being criminalised just because of who they love or who they are.”

Char Bailey

Qualified Life Coach, Education & Inclusion Officer and creative consultant for UK Black Pride.

Why she loves the bag:

“The shape can work with any outfit. I love the rainbow, it’s a fun change from the more low key accessories I often go for.”

The charity she chose, and why:

“L with the T! Our community is beautiful but sometimes the world doesn’t see it for every letter of our wonderful rainbow. I want to make sure that everyone feels valued and seen, especially my trans siblings, which is why I chose We Exist London.”


Grace Gray

Professional make up artist and hairstylist who advocates and promotes discussions surrounding mental health.

Why she loves the bag:   

“I adore the vibrant colours in contrast to the white on this bag, it’s so fresh. It goes with everything (especially a summer wardrobe) and fits all your essentials while still being sleek.”

The charity she chose, and why:   

“I chose Mind because of their consistently fantastic campaigning and community support for the spectrum of mental health. Both for people suffering and their family, carers and friends.”

Alex Woolhouse

Trans BBC Radio host, podcaster and Pro Bono & Legal Strategy Coordinator for Mermaids charity.

Why she loves the bag:  

“I’m obsessed with how chic the inclusion of the rainbow in this design is because it will go with everything and I’ll slay all Pride season.”

The charity she chose, and why: 

"Mermaids is an incredible charity that supports trans, non-binary and gender diverse kids and their families. I’m glad that they exist because they really give a lifeline to children who grew up like me.”

Sufi Malik

Queer New York-based artist, photographer, content creator and advocate for marginalized communities.

Why he loves the bag:

“I love the versatility of the design. Sometimes too many colors in one place can be over stimulating but the chic style and the shape make it look so effortless to rock. And the Pride colors make it more noticeable as well.”

The charity he chose, and why:  

“I chose to donate to The Attic Youth Center (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender community center). Apart from the resources and programs they have for queer youth, my first experience of feeling affirmed in my queer Muslim identity was at this particular center. In 2018 I was invited to my first queer Muslim iftar at this center and it gave me the courage/affirmed my identity to a level I hadn't experienced before. I would love to give back to a community that helped me feel affirmed in my own.”


Thank you to all our incredible contributors. And you can get your hands on the full Pride collection now.

Keep an eye on our social media and Radley Stories for all the latest news.